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Email Marketing & Launch Messages

For service-based providers, course creators & coaches

Your proven product serves your audience, you are well known in your industry, and now you’re ready to entrust it all to an expert who can build off the momentum you’ve spent years scaling. 

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I Can See You Now...

It's 10pm on Friday during your live launch, and you still have 4 more things on your "must do" list.

Staying up this late isn’t your norm, and you also know it isn’t sustainable. As each day goes by, other things start to pile up, and now you’re blocking off work time for Saturday.

Ugh - not again.

And when it comes to your copy, you’ve evolved so much in the last year that when you try to update it…. You get a blank screen after 3 hours of work. 

If only you could go on that next vacation, watch your favorite reality TV show with your husband, and cook dinner without answering another Voxer message.

Time freedom...? Who is she?

Team member needs, new student requests, and your passion projects that are in your “Dream Offer” note section in your phone take the back burner.

But as you drink the last 10 oz of water in your Stanley cup and turn off your lights to hit the hay, you wish you could have an effective way to craft engaging email sequences to promote your offer(s), spend more time supporting your clients and students, drive sales and engage with new leads, and create new offers.

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The truth is...you're passionate, ambitious, and driven

I'm Abby And I'm So Glad You're Here

heat up your tea kettle and stay awhile!

When I’m not writing for clients in my backyard soaking up the sun with my fur-baby Ellie, you can catch me listening to the latest biohacking podcast, walking on my walking pad, drinking celery juice, or making a fresh smoothie. After burning out as a second-year teacher and getting sucked into the hustle culture of Network Marketing, I drew a line in the sand. Being intentional with work and prioritizing family is my mission.

IMO? Hustle culture and manipulative sales tactics are so 1990

Somedae Studio Welcomes
and a
to Guiding Your Ideal Client to say, "Yes, I'm in!"

live launching and email marketing is no stranger to me

Sent 500+ client emails
88+ hours writing sales pages
Supported clients in 8+ live launches
Over 11,680 oz of celery juice consumed
Served 20+ niches
$30k+ invested

Holistic Approach

fresh-squeezed stats

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Most People View
You as Someone Who
"Has it all"

You share your newest Kajabi notifications on your stories, welcome new students each week, and live in your DMs supporting your community…. 

*adrenal mocktail cheers to you!*

But, behind your 20-100k+ follower count on TikTok or IG is an email list that has seen better days.

And now…. You know it’s time. You desire a team member that can support you long-term instead of one-off projects or VIP days. 

You’ve tried the DIY sales sequence and sales page templates. Sadly, they haven’t given you the results you thought they would.

The programs you pour your heart and soul into for months don't deserve a $79 sales sequence template. They need their own personalized strategy to take your client from “I think I need this” to “I need this now.”

Instead of throwing everything together at the last minute crossing your fingers for sales, there’s a way to intentionally plan and grow.

learn how

I've never had so many comments from people during launch about how they read all my emails, are on my list, or just joined!

Kahlea N.

from my clients

from my clients

I loved that I could trust you with this and it just ended so smoothly to the point that I don't have any questions (not normal for me!).

Becca D.

from my clients

All of these graphics look freaking awesome!

Cara F.

from my clients

Anything you send I'll read!

Caroline L.

from my clients

We're at 30 members so far for my first launch and it's not even over yet.

Misty M.

from my clients

I seriously love all the emails. I'm convinced you're the best email copywriter there is. Appreciate you!

Maddie S.

from my clients

Love that first part. This touches me because that's exactly myself.

Libby P.
Words In

01 / Learn to harness the power of your natural cycle: Discover how to align your writing and tap into the energy and creativity that each phase brings.

02 / Elevate your email marketing game: Unlock the secrets of crafting compelling weekly emails, captivating subject lines, and engaging story prompts that resonate with your audience and drive results.

Tap Into Your Cycle for Inspired Writing

Bring thoughtfulness in your writing to a whole new level with this holistic copy resource.

Ready for legacy generating copy and sustainable growth? I’ll make you fresh squeezed juice if you’re in!

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What's your name?

Unethical Selling

I think that's Italian for sloppy copywriting with a hidden agenda.