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Storytelling & Sales Skills

There’s a world outside of stressful launches and close deadlines. Launching and selling your offers can be fun and exciting again. We’ve got you covered from idea to final draft.

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Our best writing comes from our skill (duh) and harnessing the power of hormone peaks in each phase of our cycle 

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Buying Behaviors Have Changed

Remember when you were little and asked to read the same book each night? Your ideal clients can have that same excitement when you use the right words, ethical triggers, story, and strategy in your copy.

Your offer is the best in your niche and you need someone to craft even better messaging to meet your audience where they are at.

If you’re ready to:

01 / Maximize your brand’s message through a holistic copywriter

It’s time for your clients to have a designated folder with your name on it so they don’t miss a single email or promotion. Yep - without being icky or unethical. PUSHY WHITE LIE DEADLINES NOT ALLOWED.

02/ Sign clients who have been on the fence for years

03/ Build out your product suite with systems to back it up

Step 3: Reach More People + Experience Time Freedom

Bring Your “One Message” To Life

Step 1: The Secret To “That Sounds Like Me” Copy

Step 2: Hormone Hacking To Drive your Sales

How it Works

If only you could promote your offer, show up on social media, and have Kajabi notifications wake you up each morning... wait, could you?

You’ve Done All The "Right Things” to Build Your Brand

And you are ready to get out of the “Will my offer keep selling year after year” mindset that keeps you anxious.

My math nerd self is coming out. We gotta get real for a sec. The success of most copywriting projects has to do with the numbers.

Growing your community is what you do best, so let’s harness that skill to sell your products and grow your impact even more.

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Working with us is like handing your dad the hammer before he even asks for it. 

You can have a team member who anticipates what you need before you even know it. Imagine how much you’ll be able to accomplish from that alone? 

work with us

Deep down, you’re really needing that long-term support: someone who can grow with you 3-4 years down the road 

You wonder “How do I find the write copywriter for what I need?” I get it, and right now it can be even easier to find the “right fit.”  

Discover The Key Areas You Could Transform With Our Support

Monthly Email Marketing & Management

4-Month Retainer | Branded & Story-Based Emails | Weekly Email Creation & Optimization | Analytic Reporting & Strategy

Long gone are the days where you hire an email copywriter. What you really need is an email list manager that can handle the copy and the strategy for you. Imagine your emails getting sent directly to your subscriber’s PRIMARY inbox every time. 

You know that your social media followers hardly see your IG stories, posts, or TikToks, and you know email marketing is the best way to increase your brand awareness and connection with your audience.

This is a sales-driven and story-centered process that makes your community say “I don’t read anyone’s emails, but I read yours every time!”

Monthly Email Management is perfect for you if:

01 / You have a proven offer(s) that you’re confident needs to be in more hands

02 / You’re ready to pass off email marketing & management to a communication expert who can take idea creation & implementation off your plate

03 / You want to optimize the relationships you’ve built on social media and build out a sustainable funnel (i.e. IG, TikTok, Pinterest, and Youtube)

Live Launch Support

Sales Email Copy | Sales Page Copy & Wireframe

If you’ve experienced the post-launch hangover, look no further. Choose what you need and we’ll take it from there. 

We'll deliver a full live launch email sequence, including email copy, branded graphics, countdown timers, emails scheduled in your email service provider, and LIVE launch updates and analytic reporting. Your wireframe will have the essential 12 sections every sales page needs, bringing a Google Doc full of words to life for your website. 

Launching can be so fun, yet so overwhelming if your DIY-ing it all your own. Optimize the aspects of the launch that you’ve neglected in the past, and be able to spend time on the parts that you enjoy! Posting those Kajabi checkout screenshots - heck yeah.


01 / You need to work with someone that can do BOTH live launch emails AND sales page copy for your offer

02 / You are tired of buying the $100 launch email templates that don’t sound like you at all

03 / You are ready to enjoy selling your offer again (no more alarm snoozing on day 3 of launch)

04/ You need a sustainable way to launch and sell your offers on evergreen in the future (yep, even for Black Friday!)

Other Copywriting
Tasks We Can Do For You

Welcome Sequence Creation & Setup | Workflow Or Automation Optimization | Black Friday Sales Copy & Setup | Opt-in Form & Landing Page Audit

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Wow...this is so good! It's almost like you're a professional? This was more help than I was expecting and I'm so grateful!

Kahlea N.

from my clients

This is looking awesome. Thank you for everything! It's really great so far and I appreciate all of the hard work, intentionality and time you've put into this.

Hannah R.

from my clients

Ahh, Abby!! You are a rockstar! Thanks for making this process so easy.

Cassidy T.

from my clients

It has been going well! A lot of people respond to the question email from the sequence which is really fun!

Christina M.
Words In

01 / Learn to harness the power of your natural cycle: Discover how to align your writing and tap into the energy and creativity that each phase brings.

02 / Elevate your email marketing game: Unlock the secrets of crafting compelling weekly emails, captivating subject lines, and engaging story prompts that resonate with your audience and drive results.

Tap Into Your Cycle for Inspired Writing

Bring thoughtfulness in your writing to a whole new level with this holistic copy resource.